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Police Clearance Certificate also called Police Character certificate of Pakistan is a legal document produced by the local police station situated surrounding you live or the Town Police Office, Police Clearance Certificate from Pakistan show you criminal record and the character history where did you live.

Police Clearance Certificate can be obtained by using our services from the concerned Town Police Office where the applicant was residing by submitting a form along with supporting documents.

The local police station officials will make an inquiry from the provided references and physical verification of the address provided by the applicant.  Once the all kind of verification is done, Police Clearance Certificate will be issued by the Town Police Office after their internal process. Police Character Certificate states that, the applicant has a clean record and has never been involved in any criminal activities during his stay between  specific period.

What documents are required for the issuance of Police Clearance Certificate.?


1- Copy of applicant’s CNIC

2- Copy of father’s CNIC/Passport

3- Copy of applicant’s passport

4- Recent Passport size Photographs with blue back-ground (5)

5- 2x Neighbors/Relatives references with CNIC/Passport copies.

6- Information form (Download)

What is Police Clearance Certificate Issuance Time. ?

Issuance time for Police Clearance Certificate is approx. 2 weeks in non complicated cases, and if any of address verification is delayed, the processing time may increase also depends over the law & order situation of the city.

Attestation of Police Clearance Certificate.

It is also possible to get the issued police clearance certificate and attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if required by the authorities). And processing time for Ministry of Foreign Affairs is 2-3 days with the specific fee.

Why the Police Clearance Certificate is required for?

Police Clearance Certificates are required for the following processes.

  • Police Character Certificate for Immigration process
  • Police Character Certificate for Visa Process
  • Police Character Certificate for Marriages abroad
  • Police Character Certificate for Jobs & Employment
  • Police Character Certificate for Admissions
  • If the existing Police Character Certificate is lost or Expired.

Sample of Police Clearance Certificate

Please click here to review the sample of Police Clearance Certificate issued from Pakistan.

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