Police character certificate is a legal document produced by the police station situated surrounding you live, police character certificate show you history where did you live, your activities during stay on that place, police character certificate is the authentic document to get in any company, immigration processing, study abroad, or any other legal purpose.

The local police station officials will make an inquiry in the place where you were residing and will also check their records. Once the verification is done, Police character certificate will be issued by the District / City Police office that the applicant has a clean record and has never been involved in any criminal activities.
Obtaining Police Character Certificate without the physical presence of applicant is not possible.

Each region/town has their own format of Police character certificate to issue and most necessary document required 4x photographs  valid copy of passport refrences at the concern address valid NIC/NICOP.

after necessary verifications and house procedure the concern police station analyze about issuance the police character certificate to the applicant.

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